Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mini Tutorial: Tissue Paper Flowers

Today the Lucille Featured Buy had a darling Tissue Paper Flower featured on it and so we asked our designer to explain how she created this fun flower. 

  1. Fold tissue paper so that you have four layers and cut a 3" circle through all four layers, (or use a 3" circle punch). 
  2. Repeat so that you have eight 4" circles. 
  3. Stack four layers on top of each other and use a needle and thread to tack them in the middle through all four layers. 
  4. Fold the remaining circles into half and half again. 
  5. Arrange these four pieces over the stack of four circles and tack with the needle and thread. 
  6. Secure the button through all eight pieces and knot in the back. Use your fingers to give the flower some body by scrunching each separate layer.
Step-By-Step Directions: 
If you're like me and you need the video or step-by-step visual on how to create this fun flower. Check out this fun blog post from SoSewSomething.com.

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