Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mar. 6th: Heidi Swapp Mixes Color, Craft Room Organization, March Kit of the Month 24/7

Create to Remember with Heidi Swapp: Mixing Colors

Heidi Swapp shares another great quick tip on mixing multiple colors of Color Shine on the Color Magic Paper. She'll show you how to mix and blend different colors to create beautiful custom colors for your craft projects. For more inspiring ideas from Heidi Swapp, visit her website at

Special Feature: Craft Room Organization

Staci Potter ( shows some of her tips and tricks on how she organizes her craft space from thrift stores items and things she had around her home

As you know, this year we are focusing on the family. March’s theme is 24/7. What is an average day in your family like? This kit comes with 18 sheets of paper, chocked full of cut apart sheets and journaling cards. You will also receive two sheets of 12x2 element and alpha sticker sheets, 6 transparencies, two rolls of washi tape, and one set of eclectic buttons. You will also receive step by step instructions, printable flashcards, and a printable that gives 24 journal prompts. All of this comes in a 12x12 Scraponizer storage case.

MSRP $50.00
Today's Cost $24.99


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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heidi's quick tips, but I have to admit that I really miss her project based posts!! Can we get them back, or please direct me to the correct area?


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