Monday, March 25, 2013

Mar. 25th: Perfect Party Containers, Far and Away Album with Brett Lund, Vintage Bliss with Giant Stamp Set

Creative Insights: Perfect Party Containers with A Muse Studios

Putting together the perfect party is lot’s of fun with cute candy and gift containers. Using A Muse Studios paper and stamps, Kristin Barlow with Scrapbook USA Expo will put the “Perfect” in front of party with these cute and easy containers that work perfect for candy, gifts or just cute decor. Visit for more inspiration and details about their popular event.


Teresa Collins Designs: Far and Away Album with Brett Lund

Be prepared to be amazed! Watch as Teresa introduces you to Brett Lund her in-house design specialist. He will inspire you with his innovative and inspiring ways to create flips, fold outs and more.

Featured Buy: Vintage Bliss with Giant 12x12 Stamp Set

Spring is here and we wanted to celebrate with this brand new collection from Simple Stories, Vintage Bliss. This collection is filled with hints of spring and smokey pastels. It is off-set with distressed wood creating the perfect vintage balance. Included in today’s kit is a HUGE 12x12 Stamp collection. Check out the video to see more.

MSPR $64.00 

Today's Price $19.99 

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