Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blogger Feature: Tausha Hoyt

Hey My Craft Channel friends! I am Tausha and I am the spiky hair & the heart behind Sassy Style Redesign.
tausha up close

I am a mom x3 (all girls) and wife to a fantastic man who fully supports, most of the time, my need to redo, redecorate and shop the thrift stores on a weekly basis.

I love to use my glue gun, my ridiculous amount of fabric (even though I have no idea how to sew) and my border line "hoarder" amount of scrapbook paper. I love to express myself through my creations. The sentence, "Go to your craft room, you are being mean." has been uttered more than once in my house.  I love to paint, makeover and redo my home...a lot. I am passionate about making my home a happy place where my family wants to be. I love sharing my ideas with you, in hopes that I can inspire you in some small way.

I am always excited by the power of a can of paint. I redid my entryway and it is one of my favorite spaces in my home.

I love when I can use my glue gun to create a fun, inviting space! I spend so much time in my craft room, I had to make it a happy place to be.

I love being a mom and creating with my girls. I also love Washi Tape. This DIY  locker set is one of our favorite crafting creations.

I would love for you to come over and say hi!
Excited to meet you!

Happy Creating!


  1. Hi Tausha! I LOVE your hair. I am totally stressed out = girl = hair! My son's wedding is in 2 weeks and I am NOT a crowd person so I am going a bit crazy. I am prematurely grey (had a child at 41 and that did it!) He's 14 and I have 24 and 27. He's my angel but I just cut off 2 feet of hair and am going CRAZY! Want to dye it back blonde or like yours (had it that color for years) and not keep it au natural which I have done since I lifted up those 2 feet of streaked blonde curls and cut cut cut to the grey! It's the same length as yours and now I go wowzer is it gorgeous (yours.) So I have to thank you. Perhaps off I go to the salon but the short is, for 56 next week, perhaps ok! haha. You are talking about DIY restyling and I LOVE what you have done with the wall and the color! So I guess it all relates! Lovin' Samara

  2. Oh yes Tausha, the channel says Log In, but how do I start an account in order to log in? I could not find that! Thanks.

  3. again, oh Tausha...i'm too excited! I originally came to apply to get the washi tape. how can i find it?

    1. I am sorry, I just saw this question. If you have not found a source yet, check out Downtown Every roll is 1.99 and they have tonz and tonz of colors, patterns, etc. There is also a giveaway going on for 10 rolls of washi tape from

      Hope that this helps

  4. Your entryway is lovely--nice and bright! As is your craft room; I can see why it's easy to be so happy there! TFS!

  5. I ove your style, your entryway and everything you do!


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