Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aug. 23: Hobby Hideaway, Kiwi Lane, Loopy Flowers

Inspired by Pinterest...will be returning next week.

Join Lori Allred next week when she comes back to the studio to share some fun polymer clay projects.

Special Feature: Hobby Hideaway

We are excited to feature one of our favorite crafting products the Hobby Hideaway craft armorie. Originally designed as a scrapbook armoire, it can also be configured as a sewing cabinet, universal craft table and home office desk that allows unfinished projects to remain as-is when folding the desk away. Around it all, a high quality custom-made scrapbook cabinet built to your specifications provides serious organization and storage benefits (

Sarah's Stack Up: Kiwi Lane Templates

You've been asking her to return, so Sarah Hamer has agreed to film some of her favorite product reviews and features from her home studio. We are happy to have her join us however we can. Today she is sharing the amazing framing templates from Kiwi Lane (  

Tip of the Day

Technique Thursday - Loopy Flower from Fabric

Today Diana will show you how to make a Loopy Flower embellishment from fabric. Visit Scrapbook Expo's website to find an event near you. 

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