Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aug. 30th: Pinterest, Fancy Journaling, Xyron Returns, Bazzill Album

Inspired by Pinterest...still missing?

I know last week we said that Lori Allred would be returning with a new episode from Inspired by Pinterest...but she hit a bump in the road. Actually just her car (and teenage son) had a small collision the day before filming. Don't worry, no one but the cars got hurt. So until Lori's car (bottom one) is repaired we won't have a new episode to share. We wish Lori a speedy (and in expensive) repair and return to the studio!! We miss her! 

Xyron Returns!! Bazzill Mini Album

Watch Beth Kingston and Joey Otlo from Bazzill show you how to jazz up the Totally Exposed Album using their Wayfarer Collection! We had so much fun hanging out with Joey can't wait for the next shoot!

Tip of the Day

Technique Thursday - Fancy Journaling

Lean how to get more from your punch while making some fancy journaling pieces for your layout Visit Scrapbook Expo's website to find an event near you. 

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  1. I've been having problems with your videos playing. The audio is not coordinated with the visual. Also, it cuts in and out. I don't have this problem with anywhere else, so I'm thinking it's with just your site. I can't believe I'm the only one to comment.


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