Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today on My Craft Channel: May 3rd

Inspired by Pinterest: Frames from Molding

Learn how fun it can be to create your own custom frames out of molding. Simply start with inexpensive molding from the hardware store, combine the great tips from Lori Allred with a saw and some of your favorite paint and glue and you can craft your own frames similar to the stylish ones you've seen all over Pinterest.

Learn about how to make your own stencils.
   Remember all the blogs mentioned on the show can be found on Lori's blog

Featured Buy: Sew Doodle Stamper Bundle

The Doodle Stamper combines the best of both worlds.  You can get the look of hand-stitching by simply stamping the design on any of your projects.  The heads are a self-inking rubber rolling stamp that is used with the Sew Stamper Tool. Each attachment head will make over 1,000 impressions.
·  Tool With the Straight Stitch Head
·  Doodle Stamper Star
·  Doodle Stamper Flower
·  Doodle Stamper Circle
·  Doodle Stamper Dash

Today's Cost: $19.99

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