Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23: Kids Art Book, Heidi, Acrylic Paint & Drawers

Create to Remember with Heidi Swapp: Art Book

Do your kids ever give you that age old, "i'm bored"... well, whether you are in the car, or spending a rainy day indoors, here's a fun to way to turn your kids ART into a collectable book! along with giving them 'something to draw!"

Tip of the Day

Use What Wednesday? - Acrylic Paint

Adhere your buttons with acrylic paint, adheres well, gives it color, and looks so cute! Visit Scrapbook Expo's website to find an event near you. 

Featured Buy: Raw Box Drawers

Who doesn’t need a few more storage options in their home.  These cute drawers would be the perfect option to tuck away those small items that need to be put away.  The fun part will be to make it your own and match it to your d├ęcor by altering them with paint, paper, and embellishments. Includes: Four Drawers

Suggested Retail $20.00
Today Only $9.99

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