Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today's Inspiration with Christy & Stacy

Today we have the pleasure of being inspired by two of my favorite crafters.

First, the episode today is the amazing Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom and this girl knows color. If you need a giggle she'll even show you how her mad M&M eating skills too. If you'd like to learn more about Stacy visit her colorful website.

Then be sure to check out the amazing 3D artist, Christy Tomlinson's Art. Defined episode. She really had me thinking outside the box to create some fun and colorful backgrounds. She is always sharing her talents on her blog, check it out when you have more time.
Featured Buy:
Today's Phantom Kit by Heidi Swapp was so successful that thousands of people flocked to the site to see it at the same time and crashed our shopping cart. After we had our techs fix it, it SOLD OUT in under two hours. We hope to bring your more great kits like this one soon!!

Tip of the Day: Learn Shelby's quick tip for placing stickers perfectly every time. Be sure to visit the Embellish It online store today!


  1. I would greatly appreciate these videos being made accessible on the iPad. I'm likely to forget to watch if I have to go upstairs to my computer.

  2. @Patti I was able to view on my iPad :) had to wait a bit but eventually it came up!


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