Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today on My Craft Channel: Oct 26

Today's Episodes:

One Charming Party: Fun with Balloons

Brittany hosts a special guest on this episode, Jeremy Telford of Balloon Guy Entertainment. Join in as Jeremy teaches Brittany how easy it is to create balloon party favors for fun or events.

Create to Remember: DIY Paper Embellishments

Heidi Swapp shares her tips and tricks for creating your own yummy paper embellishments with the scraps you already own. She'll show you ruffles, bows and more in this episode.

Tip of the Day: Repurposed Packaging

Shelby shows you how to repurpose your product packaging in your craft projects. Be sure to visit Embellish It today.

Featured Buy: I-TOP 2.0 Kit 

Make your own custom brads, buttons, badges and magnets from fabric or paper. While the first i-top was incredible the i-top II is truly the next generation in crafting. It is easier to use and non-slip heads and now has the capability to make XXL brads. Learn more about the i-top tool from the creator of the tool.

Only $39.99 
(retail value $68.40) 

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  1. I would like to know what the black circle embellishments on Heidi's scrapbook page. Adorable!


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