Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mar. 25th: Display Your Heritage Craft Tip, New Scallop & Chit Chat Chalk Tape Bundle

MCC Craft Tips: Display Your Heritage

Watch Carol Rice as she shares some wonderful ideas on how you can preserve memories of those you love around your home. For more ideas on displaying your heritage visit the Family Storytelling website at http://www.familystorytelling.com/genealogy/item/100-creative-ways-to-display-your-family-history-2.html

We’ve been waiting months to share this with you! This bundle is packed with tons of re-usable chalkboard tape. The best part is that this is the first of it’s kind with die cut edges. We are also including a 2” wide FAT Chit-Chat Chalkboard Roll that has dozens of uses. Check out today’s video for more inspiring ideas.

MSRP $18.99
Today's Cost $14.99

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