Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th: Simple Beaded Bead Craft Tip, Fiskars Intricate Shape Punches, Make a Mini Album with Xyron, Summer Memories Mega Kit

Craft Tips: Simple Beaded Beads

Watch Callie Cazier from The Bead Farm as she teaches how quick and easy it is to create a "beaded bead". Love her bonus tip on coloring the end of the clear string with black sharpie to make it easier to see the ends as your create your beads. Follow The Bead Farm on Facebook at

Fiskars: Canvas Mixed Media Art

Learn how to get twice the use out of border punches on a mixed media canvas by adding the punched paper directly to the canvas and using other pieces as masks or stencils. For more project inspiration, visit

Xyron: Make a Mini Album
Beth Kingston and Dina Wakley, of Dina Wakley Designs, will show us an easy way to create a mini album out of scrap paper. They will use scrap paper for the pages and fabric for binding the album. The Xyron 2.5” Sticker Maker & Mega Runner make it easy, without the mess or dry time of glue or paste. Check out more project ideas on pinterest or facebook .

Teresa Collins Designs: Returning Next Week

Teresa finally traveled around the world and back to our studio and is filming new shows this week. She'll return next Monday with a new episode. 

Featured Buy: Summer Memories Mega Kit

Today you get it all in one amazing kit! Paper, glitter die cut border strips, stamps, brads, buttons, chipboard, mini file folders and MORE!!! You will love the “Summer Memories” theme with a touch a golden sun glitter throughout! This one will go QUICK!!

MSRP $47.99
Today Only $19.99

Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27th: Faber-Castell Melting Gelatos, Painting on the Lawn Craft Tip, Todays' Featured Buy is Your Choice

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft: Gelatos Double Scoop Melting Technique 

Ever wondered what it’s like to melt Gelatos? Yep, we did it. And it looks fabulous!

Craft Tips: Painting on the Lawn

Watch Aleisha McDaniel as she shares one of her and her kids' favorite summertime activities using an old bed sheet and tempura paints. For other inspiring ideas visit Aleisha's blog at

Featured Buy: Today It's Your Choice 

We are mixing a little taste of whimsy with some refreshing elegance with today’s offerings.  You will be able to choose between a sassy retro look from October Afternoon or something a little more subtle with a mix of soft pinks, mints, and greens.  Both kits offer great values.  Check it out!!!

MSRP $43.99
 Starting at $12.99

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26th: Stencils & Modeling Paste Inspired by Pinterest, Mega Chalk Ink Pad Bundle, Crimped Envelope Craft Tip

Craft Tips: Crimped Envelope Pouch

Watch Tya Smith as she shares a quick tip on taking a basic envelope, crimping it and creating a unique gift card pouch. For more inspiring ideas visit Tya's blog at

Inspired by Pinterest: Stencils & Modeling Paste

Join Lori Allred as she shows you what she learned from working with different modeling paste mediums, even creating her own modeling paste and combining them with popular crafting stencils on the market. She will bring pins from Pinterest to life with these techniques and show you why she is addicted to this new trend in crafting. For links to pins mentioned in today's episode visit

Featured Buy: NEW! 2014 Powder Puff Chalk Ink Pad Jumbo Bundle

Today’s deal is going to go FAST! You are getting 12 chalk ink pads, that typically retail for $2.99 ALL for $19.99. These chalky opaque colors are rich and vibrant and are perfect for smoky edges and chalky finishes! Check out today’s video to see all of the beautiful colors.
MSRP $36.00
 Today's Cost $19.99

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Canon Event Printables

Pre Party - Invitations... 

Click to Download Bottle Invitations 

Invitation in a Bottle 
Supplies Needed: small glass bottles or vials with cork lids, ribbon, and Memo Pin (Tim Holtz) decorative top pins.
1.     Print and Cut out labels
2.     Adhere (you’re invited) to the front of the jar.
3.     Print out the invitation small enough to fit inside jar.
4.     Roll and tie with string or bakers twine
5.     Place cork in jar and add pins
6.     Write the guest name on each red label and place in the memo pin.
7.     Wrap ribbon around each jar

Click to Download the You're Invited Envelope Wrap

Click to Download Postal Wrap
Envelope Wraps

1.     Print and cut out envelope wrap printable
2.     Fold and adhere so ¾ of the strip is placed on the front of the envelope and the other ¼ wraps around the back.
*The orange and blue envelope is editable so you can add your own phrase to the bracket.

Place Cards...
Click to Download Initial Place Card
Click to Download White Woodgrain Editable Place Card
Click to Download Burlap Labels Editable
Click to Download Small Burlap Labels
Click to Download Bracket Printable

Wooden Spool Place Cards
Supplies Needed: Wood sewing spool, strip of pattern paper, print-out, small wood dowel
1.     Print and cut out template
2.     Write each guests name or prior to printing add names with a  computer program
3.     Cut a strip of pattern paper to fit around the spool.  If desired write a message on the paper before wrapping it around the spool.
4.     Secure the strip by tying a piece of ribbon or twine
5.     Insert the dowel inside the spool (cut down to desired length)
6.     Attach printout to the dowel
7.     Adorn with buttons, glitter, ribbon, etc. if desired

Click to Download Bird Place Cards 
Click to Download Printable Editable Place Card

Station 2 Décor... 
Paper& Fabric Rosettes on Wooden Dowels with printable centers

1. a 12x12 sheet of pattern paper every 1/2 “
2. Cut two 2x12” strips; accordion fold on score lines
3. Glue the two pieces together end to end
4. Glue the ends together to form a circle
5. Cut a 3” circle (approx.) for a base.
6. Press the scored circle onto the circle base and adhere
7. Repeat if desired to add another rosette layer
8. Place printable in the center.
9. Place hot-glue on the end of a wooden dowel (that has been cut to the desired length, and place inside the rosette layers
10. Create 5-7 of these to form a bouquet of various sizes and heights
11. Place in vase and embellish with ribbon, glitter, and buttons if desired

Photo/Jar centerpieces (no printable) 

1. Print out several photos and place in various sized glass jars
2. Place a battery operated votive candle if desired

Click to Download Chalkboard Alphabet Printable
Click to Download Black & White Banner
Click to Download Black & White Alphabet
Click to Download Red & Blue Background Banner
Click to Download 4th of July Labels (13x19)
Click to Download 4th of July Labels (Letter Size)

1. Create a banner with either fabric or use the provided printable
2. Use photos or the provided alpha printable in Mason-Jar lids to decorate the banner pieces

Food & Beverage...

Click to Download Cupcake Printable
3-D Cupcake Topper Printables
  1. Print and cut out templates
  2. Fold 5 pieces in half (design in side)
  3. Add adhesive to the back of all the pieces and stack on top.
  4. Fan out and glue the end pieces
  5. Attach to a toothpick and add twine, glitter, and sequins if desired.

Click to Download <Happy Birthday> Utensil Wrap
Click to Download <Chalkboard> Utensil Wrap
Click to Download <Bon Appetit> Utensil Wrap
Click to Download <Celebrate Today> Utensil Wrap (not shown)
1.     Print and cut out template
2.     Either sew or glue the side edges
3.     Add napkin and utensils

Personalized Glass Plates
(no printable)
1.     Print out photo large enough to fit under desired glass plate
2.     Trace around the edges
3.     Lightly spray it with Spray adhesive (out-doors).
4.     Carefully place plate onto print with print side up
5.     Burnish the bottom to make sure it is fully adhered and there are no air bubbles
6.     After event, simply soak in water to remove paper, use Goo Gone or adhesive remover to take off any left over residue

Party Favors...

Click to Download Paper Treat Cones 
3-D Cupcake topper printables

1.     Print and cut out templates
2.     Fold 5 pieces in half (design in side)
3.     Add adhesive to the back of all the pieces and stack on top.
4.     Fan out and glue the end pieces
5.     Attach to a toothpick and add twine, glitter, and sequins if desired.
Click to Download Silly Faces Printables
Silly Faces Party bags

1.     Print and cut out template
2.     Adhere onto colored gift or party favor bags

Hostess Thank You Gifts... 

Click to Download Jar Printables
Circle Chalkboard Thank You Label
  1. Print and cut.
  2. Place in the lid of a mason jar or use as a label to decorate the front of a gift bag or cookie pocket

Click to Download Thank You Candle Wrap
Thank You candle Wrap

1.     Print and cut out the template
2.     Wrap around and adhere to the outside of a small class candle jar or a votive candle in a small glass candle holder