Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sept. 4th: Inspired by Pinterest Burlap Banners, Crimp Covers Craft Tips, Floral Frogs Return

Craft Tips: Using Crimp Covers

Watch Callie Cazier from The Bead Farm as she explains how she uses "Crimp Covers" in today's Craft Tip. For more information about The Bead Farm follow them on Facebook at

Inspired by Pinterest: Burlap Banners

Join Lori Allred as she shares a bunch of ideas on how to create simply sweet burlap banners. Whether you need them for a special occasion or holiday she will share tips and tricks on adding color, sparkle and even pattern paper. For tips mentioned in today's episode visit Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: Set of 3 Floral Frogs by Melissa Frances

We are revealing our secret . . . One of the most common asked questions is, “What are those spikey things you use to hold up cards in your photos”? Today we will share what they are called, what they are, and how you get get them.

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