Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sept 25th: Awesome Clear Storage System, Instagram Printing, Ideas & More, Memory Wire Craft Tip

Craft Tips: Memory Wire

Watch Callie Cazier from The Bead Farm as she shares what "memory wire" is and how to use it properly. For more information about The Bead Farm follow them on Facebook at

Inspired by Pinterest: Instagram & Resources

Join Lori Allred today as she shares some of her favorite Instagram finds. Instagram is a great way to share those fun square photos, but many people ask how to print them and what to do with them. You'll love the pins featured in today's episode. For links to anything mentioned in today's show and links to resources for printing and formatting Instagram check out Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: Awesome Clear Storage System

It's time to organize! Today we are featuring the 12x12 Storage Library. This is a one of a kind clear storage system that makes organization a breeze. Whether you want to organize your craft supplies, first aid, kids toys, sewing supplies, and more! Check out today's video to check it out!
MSRP $39.99
 Today's Cost $24.99

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