Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mar. 6th: Inspired by Pinterest Paper Lanterns, Places You've Lived Craft Tip,

Craft Tips: Places You've Lived

Join Carol Rice to learn how fun it can be to start your story by talking about the places you've lived. Copy & paste this link to find the free download from Family Storytelling:

Inspired by Pinterest: Paper Lanterns

You'll never look at paper lanterns the same after you watch Lori Allred in today's Inspired by Pinterest. She will share some amazing ways to alter this very versatile and inexpensive decorating medium. For links mentioned in today's episode visit Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: Urban Traveler Mega Kit

Pack your bags! This awesome kit is perfect for documenting all of your favorite vacation travels. We love that this kit isn’t just about the beach . . . it’s also perfect for trips to the city! Check it out for darling project ideas.
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