Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mar. 20th: Inspired by Pinterest Easter Egg Ideas, Interchangeable Earring Craft Tips, New pink i-Press Bundle

Craft Tips: Interchangeable Earrings 

Watch Callie Cazier as she shows how to create quick and easy interchangeable earrings. Be sure to follow The Bead Farm on Facebook

Inspired by Pinterest: Easter Egg Ideas

Watch Lori Allred ( in today's Inspired by Pinterest as she shares a variety of fun ideas on how you can decorate your Easter eggs for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you're creating them with real hard-boiled eggs or from plastic or paper mache eggs, you'll love the ideas Lori featured from Pinterest and her own stash of crafty ideas. For links mentioned in today's episode check out Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: New Pink i-Press Bundle
We only have a small number of today’s “limited Supply” pink –press bundle. Not only will you receive the pink self inking applicator, you will also receive EIGHTEEN individual stamps. If you think that is a good deal . . . don’t forget to check out the add on kit as well.

MSRP $38.99
 Today's Cost $21.99

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