Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jan. 7th: Dressing Up Grocery Store Flowers, Teresa Collins' You Are My Happy Collection

My Craft Studio: Dressing up Grocery Store Flowers

Back by Popular Demand! We are excited to have the very talented and beautiful Andrea Robertson from Queen B and Me blog (QueenBandMe.com) in the studio today. Kristine McKay and her talk about simple ways to dress up grocery store bundles of flowers to put around your home or to decorate for an event. Be sure to visit Andrea's blog at QueenBandMe.com. [Originally aired Spring 2013]

You are my Happy!  Could there be a better compliment?  Teresa Collins’ newest release is all about the loved ones in our lives and what happiness is truly about.  This kit knocks it out of the park with both trending design and fashionable color collections.  Inspired from straight off the run way, this collection captures the latest trends with  coral, orange and gold accents.  This paper collection comes with specialty gold foil accents, amazing ephemera accents and more! Check it out!

MSRP $24.99
 Today's Cost $18.99

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