Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec. 20th: Sassy Style Simple Holiday Porch Decor, Mega Stamp Kits Your Choice

Sassy Style Redesign: Simple Holiday Porch Decor

Do you love the idea of decorating your porch for the holidays’ but you don’t have a big enough porch to do anything? Tausha shares an awesome idea on how to decorate your porch that is cheap, unique and will fit on any porch.

Featured Buy: Mega Stamp Kits Your Choice

This Week has been all about “Your Choice”. Today is no different.  You will have your choice between 3 of our most popular stamp sets.  Each set is perfect for personalizing your next project.  Choose between a customizable calendar, a date and phrase roller stamp kit, or our “Take Credit” Stamp collection.
Starting at $12.99

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We're excited to be hosting a blog hop featuring the SuperFans!
If you aren't sure what a blog hop is - basically a blog hop is just a series of links to blogs in a set order that will lead viewers from one blog to the next. Each blog will link at the end of their post to the next stop on the hop. You will click on that link and read the blog post on that blog, then follow the link at the end of the post there to get to the next blog, and so on.

The Hop Order:

Enjoy the hop!
The First Stop:

Tifany DeGough with special guest Midge Hammon -
Abigail Stoops -
Michelle Price with special guest Justina Nadolson -

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