Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dec. 19th: Inspired by Pinterest Oversized Ornaments, Teresa Collins Mega kits

Inspired by Pinterest: Paper Crafted Over-sized Ornaments 

Join Lori Allred ( as she shares the second part of her "Paper Crafted Holiday" ideas. In this episode she shares how you can create oversized ornaments using paper lanterns and from sewing paper together to create a "stuffed" looking ornament for your home decor or holiday tree. For more ideas and direct links to pins featured in today's episode visit Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: Teresa Collins Mega kits

Today it is all about Teresa Collins!  It’s TC all day long.  We have put together some of our FAVORITE kits and decided to give you “Your Choice”!  From paper, stamps, garland, and more! Check out today’s videos to see each kit up close and personal!

 Today's Cost $14.99

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