Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 6th: TC Stationary Noted Kit, Heidi Swapp's Floppy Bows, Why Stories with Story@Home

Melissa Frances $200 Giveaway
Winner Announced

Last week we posted an amazing giveaway worth $200 from Melissa Frances in honor of her first season with My Craft Channel coming to a close. And the winner is.....

Louise Johnson

Create to Remember with
Heidi Swapp: Quick Tip-Floppy Bows

You've all been asking how Heidi Swapp creates her tiny little, floppy bows on a lot of her projects. She'll show you how simple it is to take your Color Shine spray and seam binding ribbon to create these soft accents for our paper crafting projects. For more inspiring ideas from Heidi Swapp, visit her website at

Do you have a nagging suspicion that to truly connect as a family, you might need to disconnect from some of your media habits? Stories are the perfect way to take a break and re-connect with the ones you love. Find out more about the Story@Home Conference by visiting the Cherish Bound website here

9 sheets of patterned paper, 12x12 chipboard adhesive elements, 1 package of designer sticky notes, 1 set of decorative brads, 1 spool of blue bakers twine (15ft.), 1 set of black and white Alpha stickers, 1 small metal pill box tin.

MSRP $37.99
Today's Cost $19.99


Add-On Kit: TC Stationary Noted

-1 Set of decorative envelopes Each package includes four envelopes in various shapes and sizes. The smallest glitter folder measures approximately 3.25" x 3.25" and the largest envelope measures approximately 4.5" x 5.5".
-1 Set of two stitched journaling notebooks Each package includes two stitched notebooks that measure approximately 3.5" x 5" and 5.5" x 7".
-1 Set of three rolls of Washi Tape Each package includes three rolls that are each over 32 feet of tape (over 96 feet total).

MSRP $22.00
Today's Cost $17.99




  1. I was really touched by Carol Rice's video. As she was talking about her dreams, I realized the following about myself: I used to wish I were a teacher, but was so shy, that I never really thought I could ever do that. But I played school all the time with all my dollies. Years later, I ended up with a Master's in Education, but I never once took a teacher's class! My Master's is a special program obtained from Northeastern University, the Boston Bouve College of Human Services, that is 1/4 MBA and 3/4 Psychology. But because it was taught out of that specific college, it was issued as a M.ED! Also years later, I no longer work in an Industrial Counseling setting that I was trained for! I now work as a full-time Children's Ministries Director at my church, where I TEACH elementary-aged kids every single week! But I never got a degree in Bible or Ministry! My life is so ironic, but I know I am where the Lord wants me to be! And He has fulfilled the dreams of my heart! And my dreams continue to evolve!

  2. LOVE the featured buy!! And, of course I had to get the add on. TC Designs is gonna make me go broke this year, lol!!!

  3. Happy Valentines Day to me!!!! Showed todays featured buy to my hubby and suggested it would be a great gift - and he agreed :)


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