Friday, February 15, 2013

Feb. 15th: Craft Room Ideas, DIY Ironing Board, Tinsel Glitter

Sassy Style: Craft Room Ideas

Join Tausha Hoyt in this episode of Sassy Style Redesign as she walks you through creative ways to store and organize your craft room and collection of colorful supplies. She will share some of own craft room ideas including mini curtains, jars and more. For more inspiration from Tausha, visit her blog at

Special Feature: DIY Ironing Board

Need a small ironing board in your craft space? Staci ( shows you how to make one using wood, batting, and fabric. The best part is that it is portable.


Featured Buy: Glitter Tinsel & More...24 Bottles of Fun!

Today's Kit includes 24 bottles of glitter in various textures such as fine, chunky, and tinsel fiber. BONUS: 4 sheets of adhesive sicker glitter stencils. Watch the video to see how it works!

MSRP $40.00
Today's Cost $19.99


  1. Tausha - loved seeing your craft space!

  2. what an excellent idea..going to make one of those ironing boards soon as have just taken up quilting and its a pain having to store a huge ironing board..thanks for sharing this with us


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