Saturday, January 19, 2013

Melissa Frances Matchbook Album + Snap Collection Album

Melissa Frances: Matchbook Album Instructions
This last week you saw a beautiful album created by the fabulous Melissa Frances. If you missed it, you can watch it here. 

She promised instructions on how to recreate this darling matchbook album, but her and her team were busy at CHA at the time and just forwarded me the instructions. Here you go....

Instructions:Matchbook cover-
1. Cut a 12" x 12" paper into 3 - 4" x 12" pieces.
2. For the outside cover use one of the 4" x 12" pieces. Lay the piece with the right side facing down then mark fold lines starting from the left at 2 1/2", 8", and 8 1/4".
3. Make the first fold at 2 1/2" so that it folds in toward the center bringing wrong sides together. The 2nd and 3rd folds should also fold in toward the center bringing wrong sides together.
4. If desired, cut a scallop edged along the left edge. Distress all outside edges of the cover.
Accordion pages-

1. To make the accordion pages folds you will be alternating the direction of the fold at every other fold line. Use one 4" x 12" piece of paper, lay right facing up then mark fold lines at 1", 4 3/8", 7 3/4", and 11".
2. Make the first fold at 1" so that it folds with right sides of the paper together then make the other folds to alternate directions. Set this aside for now.
3. Use the last 4" x 12" piece of paper, lay right side facing up then mark fold lines at 3 3/8" and make a cut at 6 3/4" to remove the excess on the right edge.
4. Glue the 1" right edge of the first folded piece to the backside of the left folded edge of the 2nd piece.
5. To attach the accordion folded pages to the matchbook cover, apply adhesive to the back of the first folded page on the left and also to the 1" fold then place up to the 2nd folded line on the matchbook cover.
6. Use light brown ink pad to distress the edges of the pages.
7. Apply your photos and embellishments to the accordion as desired.

Please note: these are the general instructions for the construction of the accordion matchbook album. It does not touch on placement of the photos and embellishments inside the album, just the framework for the album itself.

Snap Studio Collection by Simple Stories

Last week we offered up the new Snap Studio Collection from Simple Stories for a Featured Buy item. Kristine said to visit the blog for photos of the fun flip calendar album that was featured, but the photos hadn't been edited and posted to the blog when the episode went live. No worries, we managed to sneak into the studio and snap some pictures of our own to post to the blog. Hopefully these will help you recreate this darling project. (Note: Oct, Nov, Dec were missing from original project.)

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