Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan. 21st: Family Photo Display, Adorn It Calendar, Teresa Collins 6x6 Pads

SPECIAL NOTE: If you're looking for the Melissa Frances Matchbook Album Instructions or the Snap Studio Collection Calendar Album photos, you can find them here.  

Teresa Collins Designs Show: Family Photo Display

I love the display trays that you simply add your photos inside. I love how you can add so many embellishments and photos too. Today I will share one that created one that is like my "family crest." I even painted the tray and added thoughts and meaning along with my photos. As seen in my Teresa Collins Signature Idea Book with Northridge Media. I will share my teenage son's photo display from his bedroom. You are never too young to start!

Adorn It: Calendar

The ADORNit Girls show you how to create your own custom calendars. Bright fun designs, you’ll love hanging this custom calendar on your wall or to give as a perfect gift. Be sure to visit AdornIt's website for more great projects and available products at


Featured Buy: NEW Teresa Collins CHA Reveal

Today’s kit is our first Winter 2013 CHA reveal. We are pleased to offer this sampling of Teresa Collins’ newest Lines: Stationary Noted, Memories, and Far and Away.  You will receive all three 6x6 pads as well as a bonus glitter foam alpha sticker that coordinates with all three.  For a closer look, check out today’s video.

MSPR $23.00 

MCC Price $14.99 

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  1. Adornit' s video is cutoff and there's no video for Teresa Collins. :-(


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