Sunday, July 1, 2012

Host Happenings: Meet Megan from Refashion It

We are thrilled to have one of our new Summer Season hosts to introduce you to today. You probably already saw her new show, Refashion It promo video on My Craft Channel this past week, but if not, no worries, just scroll the end of the post to watch. So let's get started with sharing little bit more about Megan Pyrah from Brassy Apple

Megan has always loved refashioning before it even had a name. As a young child she altered her barbie doll clothes and designed and created new outfits and accessories for her paper dolls. 

Megan says, "Looking stylish doesn't have to be expensive. Plain and simple clothing items that are inexpensive can easily become unique and trendy pieces in your wardrobe. Check out this skirt I got for a $1.00 and transformed!"

She is mainly self taught and just pulls her ideas from that crazy, full and creative head of hers!  She says inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. "Just be open to seeing the possibilities of items and all that "fabric" you already have at your fingertips in your closet" says Megan. 

Megan has 5 kids and knows how living on a budget can be and how quickly kids can go through clothes. "Refashioning isn't all about being stylish", she says, "it's about being smart too! Stretch that dollar by repurposing items or extending their use with a few snips and stitches."

Megan is really excited to share some of her most popular Refashion projects this season on Refashion it with you, some new ideas and also some projects from some Refashioning super star guests too! 

Refashion It show will air every Friday, beginning July 6, 2012. Watch this quick clip to learn more about Megan's show.

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