Monday, April 2, 2012

Today on My Craft Channel: April 2nd + New Show

In case you missed it, we announced our winners from Sweeps Week earlier. Click here to see if your name is among them...there are A LOT!! 

Teresa Collins: SPRING BREAK

All of us here at My Craft Channel enjoy working with the amazing Teresa Collins so much. She works so hard and has so much to do. We're thankful that she makes the time to create her inspiring episodes. 

One Thursday evening she joined us with a chat on Facebook. We had over 350+ comments and both Teresa and our team enjoyed being part of the fun during Sweeps Week!!  So we decided Teresa needed to take a break today! No worries, she'll be back next Monday showing of great ideas and inspiring projects with her mid-season release and more!

Man Crafters Show: Vinyl Transfer Tape

Join Brookie Craft's  "Man Crafters," Todd and Kermit as they show you tips and tricks of why you cannot live without good transfer tape when using VINYL. This new Manufacturer Mini Series is entertaining and helpful!

Tip of the Day: Manufacturer Monday - Page33
Join LeAnn as she featured Page33 and their memory jar system. A unique way to scrapbook vacations or memories about someone you love.  Visit Scrapbook Expo's website to find an event near you.

Featured Buy: Kiwi Lane Starter Kit 

The goal of Kiwi Lane Designs is to simplify your papercrafting experience and they have done just that with a technique called “Framing”.  With their products you can create a beautiful “frame” for your photos on a layout or in designing a quick card.  The templates allow you to visually see what the layout will look like before you cut any paper. Kit Includes:
  • Photo Set containing (10 pcs + jump ring)
  • Nature Accessory Set containing (6 pcs + jump ring)
  • Sunnybrook Lane Border Set containing (6 pcs + jump ring)
Suggested Retail $44.00
Today's Cost $29.99


  1. Love, love, love Man Crafters Show! I now feel like I can try to use the vinyl I bought a year ago.

  2. Wow, I haven't worked with vinyl yet. One, because I don't own any supplies or tools yet, besides that, I have been a bit intimidated to even try due to my lack of knowledge. Thanks Kermit and Todd for making me feel a bit more comfortable with the idea. Can't wait to see the ATV!


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