Monday, April 23, 2012

Today on My Craft Channel: April 23rd

Teresa Collins: DIY Embellishments

This show is going to open your eyes on the way you look at your crafting embellishments. Teresa is going to share you her INSPIRATION & Tips and tricks to add unique & affordable embellishments to your crafting life. Yes, this may change the way you shop!

Man Crafters Show: Chalk Talk

Join our favorite "Man Crafters" in their last episode of the, Brookie Craft's Man Crafters show airing this season. Today they will share their take on what can be created with chalk board vinyl and black or white dry erase vinyl. Whether it's a baseball sports play clipboard or as simple as a grocery list, you'll love their episode today.

Featured Vendor of the Day: The Original Scrap Box
The Original Scrap Box™ is a locally owned business dedicated to providing high quality products to crafters everywhere. Every Original Scrap Box™ product is crafted from the finest materials for long-lasting durability and timeless beauty. We are proud of our Original Scrap Box™ and want you to be perfectly satisfied with your purchase. 

Visit The Original Scrap Box website to learn more about their products.

Featured Buy: Scrap'N Easel-ette Kit 

  • Scrap N Easel-Ette Craft Center
  • 8 Super Strong Neodimyum Magnets
  • 12” Flexible Magnetic Ruler

Today's Cost $39.99


  1. Love your website.
    Today's Featured Buy - the scrap n easelette - is very cool.
    Why is it the same price here as on their website?
    Thanks SO much - keep up the great work.

  2. Is there a 12" version of this? I almost hit buy until I saw that it's only 10". Most pages are 12", but this would be good for card makers and maybe that was the intent. The price is what I liked. Still high but affordable compared to the larger double version.


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