Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24th: Organizing Your Workstation Craft Tip, Inspired by Pinterest Negative Cards, Mother's Day Spiral Bound Flip Album

Craft Tips: Organizing Your Workstation 

Watch Callie Cazier today as she shares her tips on how to organize your beading (or craft) workstation. Following The Bead Farm on Facebook at

Inspired by Pinterest: Negative Cards

Watch Lori Allred in today's Inspired by Pinterest as she shares some fun ideas on making "negative cards". We're not talking about cards with a negative message, we're talking about using the negative space cut out from paper to create some amazing layered card creations. And it's one of the first times she's featured one of her largest Pin Boards - Cards. For pins mention in today's episode visit Lori's blog at

Featured Buy: Mother's Day Spiral Bound Flip Album

Let’s face it . . . the most important day of the year should be Mother’s Day. They do so much for us. Celebrate your mom or grandma this year by creating this custom flip-book. This kit comes with everything you need. Not only will you receive the paper, spiral bound album, and embellishments, you will also receive an inspiration sheet with photos and tips.

MSRP $47.99
 Today's Cost $21.99
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