Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meet Donna Downey and Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

All of us at My Craft Channel are so excited to announce that Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft hosted by the very talented Donna Downey will be starting this Monday. And we're celebrating in a BIG stay tuned for detais!! We thought we'd introduce our fans to Donna case you don't know this lovely lady.

Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force as a mixed-media artist. In 2000, she got into scrapbooking as an extension of her paper product and photography addiction. This was only the beginning. From working as a popular columnist for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, to traveling the world inspiring women to push the boundaries of their own creativity, to developing her first mixed-media scrapbooking line with Prima in the Spring of ‘09, Donna is consistently on the leading edge of taking creative risks the push the creative envelope and empowering others to do the same with their art.

As a mixed-media artist, Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self-expression. A former elementary school teacher, she has synthesized her first love of teaching with her passion for craft and brings this to women via workshops at scrapbook stores and events, writing books, and through her popular blog and website.

Donna lives in North Carolina with her husband, and is a mother of three exceptionally blonde children, a Chihuahua and one blonde dog.

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