Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept. 17th: My Craft Studio Guest Kimberly Moore, Tips that Stick with Sandra Smith, Textured Bundles

My Craft Studio: Kimberly Moore

Today on My Craft Studio Kristine McKay hosts Kimberly Moore from Third Floor Design Studio. Her love of interior design is what drives what she blogs about and her very hip, cool graphic prints. She brings to the studio some of her designs and talks about tips on making your space unique for you. For more information and products Kimberly offers, visit her blog at http://thirdfloordesignstudio.blogspot.com. Kimberly will be teaching classes on design at the upcoming Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City October 25-26th, for more information visit http://www.pinnersconference.com/

Xyron Tips that Stick: Sandra Smith 

Join us for today's Tips that Stick episode featured a My Craft Channel viewer Sandra Smith. She shares one of her favorite scrapbooking tools, the Kiwi Lane framing templates. But what we really loved was her tip on how she stores all over templates.

Featured Buy: Textured Bundles

Nothing adds a pop to your project like texture.  Today's kit features a little bit of everything.  Adhesive fabric (printable), adhesive Cork (thin enough to punch), foil, and corrugation in a rainbow of colors.  Check out today's video to see your wide array of options with using texture.

Today's Cost $9.99 for 2 sets

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