Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept. 3rd: DIY Journals, Upcycled Ice Cream Containers, Fun Day Mega Kit

Teresa Collins: DIY Journals

Journaling and documenting is a everyday thing for Teresa in her constant quest to keep her memories preserved. Teresa always has a journal and notebook on her. You never know when a memory needs to be written down! Today is all aboutDIY refurbishing discount journals and notebooks with papers to create trendy, stylish and functional record keeping books.

Teen Craft Connection: Ice Cream Containers

You will love what the girls have cooked up to share with us today...or should we say, recycled-up for us. They're going to show how to take something as simple as an ice cream container and create a customized gift box or purse. Visit their brand new website and blog.

Featured Buy: Fun Day Craft Paper Mega Kit 

This kit is HUGE! It contains 15 sheets of HEAVY weight craft paper with fun edgy designs. It also includes one set of designer brads, one set of colored adhesive gemstones, one set of neutral colored gem stones, one sheet of layered stickers and one 12x12 sheet of adhesive chipboard elements. Check out today's video to see all of the fun projects! 

MSRP $40.00
Today's Cost $19.99

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  1. Can't find Teresa's episode . . . is it just me?


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