Friday, March 30, 2012

2:00pm-3:00pm Contest

Join us today from 8:00am - 8:00pm for a LIVE CONTEST and GIVEAWAYS every hour...with a grand prize the end of each day! Some contests will require you to upload a photograph through our Facebook page here. Or simply leave a comment here on our blog under each blog post. 

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Submit a photo of an unfinished craft project on 
our Facebook Contest Page*.
*(Please do not post to our wall.) 

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: We'll post the hourly winner on our Facebook page. Please email your shipping details to with the subject line of which hourly contest you won. If you miss your name on our Facebook page, we will post them here on the blog at the end of the day.
Don't Forget about today's Grand Prize Contest 
that runs throughout today! 

Jamie Papantonakis


  1. Just added a pic of one of the Easter Baskets for the Librarians where my son goes to classes, still have to add all the embellisments and tags on it!

  2. Oh the irony! I just finished mine while waiting for this post!!!! If only I had worked a few minutes slower! I'll have to dig out my next project!

  3. Posted a picture of what my daughter did to a picture of me on her phone. Too funny, it prompted a project where the whole family will be in a zoo scene with their heads photoshopped onto animal bodies!

  4. Just posted a chipboard book I started almost 3 years ago that is still not finished! Yikes :)

  5. Just posted page 1 of a 2 page layout I am making with Gary Allan (country music artist) as the focal point; concerts and fan club parties I've been to (and a "stalking" adventure at the golf course where I met him.

  6. Just submitted a project that I'm working on this week. I started it wednesday but the kiddo woke up from his nap too early so I wasn't able to finish it. I'll be working on it tonight and/or tomorrow night. =D

  7. I posted a picture of 3 cards on the go....I try to keep to the task at hand but I usually find myself heading off in different directions!

  8. I posted a picture of a partially done baby book that I had wanted to get sent off to MN yesterday! but just didn't get it done. Notice the hanging diaper bag!! Even have folded diapers in the bag! :-)

  9. I shared a picture of the coffee filter flower inspired by Teresa Collins segment on MCC at
    I plan to spritz it lightly with water or glimmer mist and make several more to piece together into a wall frame for our living room!!!

  10. Submitted a partially done scrapbook layout!

  11. That's me. Thanks so much. In case you're wondering my unfinished project is a jewelry box that I'm redoing into either a little curio or storage for scrapbooking supplies.


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