Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today on My Craft Channel: Dec 8

Where have they gone?
Have you noticed that some of your favorite My Craft Channel shows have not been appearing like usual. We've had some people say they thought the shows were canceled...NOT the case, we wouldn't cancel these shows. However, many of our hosts filmed anywhere from 8-12 episodes for season 1 and so that's where they've gone. But, if you want them to come back after the first of the year for a new season, then be sure to let us and them know how much you love their shows!!

Photo Freedom - Scrapbooking Things

In today's episode Stacy shares her tips on Scrapbooking "Things," meaning your everyday life, your rituals and traditions and the things you use, love and surround yourself with. Hopefully the ideas she shares that she has created of her own memories will inspire you to try documenting random things in our life.

Featured Buy: Doodlebug Cutting Mat/Knife Gift Set Trio

This set is the perfect gift for the crafters in your life. This package includes three 8x8" self-healing cutting mats and three coordinating blinged out craft knives. Simply wrap it with a bow and you have a great gift.  Give two away and keep one for yourself!  

Suggested Retail: $40.00
Today's Price: $18.99


  1. I have been wondering about about my favorite "The Tip of the Day", so thank you for letting us know what is going on.

    My favorites are: Tip of the Day, I Heart Faces, Create to Remember, Get a Little Creative, and DIY Dish.

  2. Phew, I'm glad to know that the shows aren't gone for good. I love all of them and look forward to watching every weekday!

  3. The "featured buy" today is Doodlebug Cutting Mat/Knife Gift Set Trio. Above it shows them for $18.99 and also the email I received today said the same thing. But when I went to purchase them the price was $19.99. Anyone know why or what the correct price is?


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