Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today on My Craft Channel: Nov 17

Photo Freedom: Scrapbooking Us

Stacy shares her personal scrapbooks and how to tell your personal story. If you don't tell the story, no one else will. Stacy will inspire you how to honor your memories, photos and so much more. Tell the story of the people in your life and how they relate to one another matter and you can learn simple ways to share this part of your relationships.

Christy introduce us to mix media artist Chrissy Gardner as they create art journals made from vintage books. You'll be inspired to try out this inspiring idea and have fun in your messy play.

Tip of the Day: Glitter

How to add bling to your layouts without adding a lot of bulk. Shelby will share a simple technique for adding glitter to your paper crafting projects. Be sure to visit Embellish It today.

Featured Buy: Seven Gypsie Artist Trading Card Carousel

The Seven Gypsies ATC Carousel is a unique way to display your favorite pictures and memories. Its stylish design will add a beautiful touch to any room. This is truly the perfect gift for someone that has everything. It can be used for pictures, recipes, notes and more. 

Suggested Retail $91.65  
Today Only $39.99


  1. why is it that when I click on the links to buy the Seven Gypsies ATC Carousel, it brings me to the video to buy Bling & Mini Iron. This has happened to other suggested retail buys too.

  2. Duh, now I understand. Due to time difference, the deal is no longer one, and when I click, it brings me to the current deal. Sorry!

  3. It makes me sick that I missed this one :( UGGG! Bring it back, PLEASE!!!!

  4. I was lucky enough to get one of these, now I would like to see a tutorial on how to hook it up.


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