Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess the Types of Crafty Shows Airing this Fall

Did we stump you yesterday?

We can't tell you who was right yesterday when you all tried putting your wicked guessing skills to work while trying to guess one of our new hosts for the Fall season. We will be unveiling our hosts beginning Monday, July 11th. You won't want to miss this because we'll also be featuring the Mother of ALL giveaways during that time. 

But today, we thought we'd let you put those guessing super powers to good use and try again.  But today let's try having you guess the TYPE of shows that will be airing on My Craft Channel this fall. Here's your hints: 

Hint #1 - This show features a dynamic duo that know how to bring the house down with their DIY ideas. 

Hint #2 - The longtime "silversmithing" skills of one of our hosts will be put to the test for this show. 

Hint #3 - You'll be seeing "double" and "sew" love that you learn during this show.  

Hint #4 - Hit the start key and you may learn how to combine "technology" and pretty things.

Hint #5 - Learn how fiction and crafting come together for a great review by a cute "chicka". 

Hint #6 - Learn how to "free" yourself and lose the guilt from all those "photos" you've been stashing. You will love the "simple" ideas and colorful personality of this show and it's host.

Hint #7 - She's back and ready to show you techniques that will make you "swapp" what you've been thinking was hip.

Hint #8 - "Mix" up your crafting supplies for trendy techniques in pulling them together for projects "media" would want to feature. 

Hint #9 - Get great ideas on throwing a "charming" event. 

Hint #10 - If you're a reader who loves to craft, or a crafter who loves to read you'll be saying "ella yes" to this show.

Today we've not only given you some great HINTS, but we've even hidden in some extra hints to help you even more. Each hint listed above is a different show...and we have even more that we didn't feature here. So be sure to come back next week to learn who is hosting some of these shows.

Leave a comment about your guess. 

Good Luck!!


  1. With all those hints here are some of my guesses on the topics/hosts.
    home decor, silver jewelery making, art journaling/altered books, Stacy Julian and Photo Freedom, Heidi Swapp, mixed media, using charms, and Ella Publishing. WOW, quite a list of fun stuff coming up.

  2. Hmmm . . . I'm getting a few of the hints--Stacy Julian, Ella Publishing, Heidi Swapp. The rest will be a surprise. :)

  3. I have to say that the hints sound just fabulous! --- Heidi Swapp, Ella Publishing, and Stacy Julian to cool :)

  4. Gonna be fun with Heidi Swapp, Ella Publishing, Stacy Julian and I think there will be some Teresa Collins in there too...

  5. oh my gosh! The crafty Chicka, the Double Stitch Twins, Stacey Julian, Heidi Swapp and Teresa Collins are my guesses. I also think we will see scrapbooking, papercrafting, knitting, home decor and tons of mixed media!! I can't wait!

  6. Hmmm.. Heidi Swapp, Stacy Julian, Teresa Collins, Jessia Sprague, Rhonna, Farrer ... these are some of my guesses.
    Sounds like fun!

  7. I hope it's the Crafty Chicka and Heidi Swapp,and I think we are going to be learning more than we can do, but that is what I love, to see and create and maybe do later!

  8. I am guessing Shelley Smith as well as One Charming Party?

  9. Are you guys for real this time or just pulling legs again?

  10. I would love to win the E2. thanks for the chance to win!!!!!

  11. This is an outstanding idea for all of us. I am really looking forward to signing up.

  12. I am new to this type of crafting. I don't recognize any of the names y'all are mentioning. I am looking forward to learning more about everything being mentioned. I have been involved in machine knitting, quilting,fabric art, and many other crafts, but this is an area totally new to me. I look forward to your blog and learning all this old brain can soak up! Thank you for the chance to win a Cricut.


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